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O.K., so this post is about five months too late, as its already nearing November, but just throwing in some info on CSA’s for those of you who may be interested in them in the future. All over the country are farmers that are small and need your help.  How does it work? Here’s how:  Farmers need to make money and ensure they can sell their crops.  Before the season starts, they offer a ‘share’ to you for a pre-determined price, anywhere from a hundred bucks for a ‘season’ to a $300 for the whole Summer and Fall.  By receiving money early in the season, farmers are guaranteeing themselves cash flow and that they’ll be selling most of the crops.  Its pretty simple.  You pay before the summer for delicious fresh fruit and veggies.

Most CSA’s have website that allow you to look at what crops they have offered in previous years, giving you an idea of what to expect.  Some offer more veggies, others offer more fruit.  A great resource for searching for a CSA near you is Local Harvest.  Be forewarned, you may have to learn to be a bit more adventurous, one week you may end up with garlic scapes, kale and beets.  Its a great way to learn to try new things, cook new things, eat healthy and support farmers at the same time.  I know a lot people rather go to a farmers market, where they can pick what they want and still support local farms, and that’s great, but this is just another way to support farmers.

This year I did my CSA through Norman’s Farm Market, with several pick up locations and days.  I highly recommend them, as they offer a variety of plans, offer fruits and veggies (some charge more for fruit), and are very friendly and do a great job.

When Spring 2010 rolls around, I highly suggest you look into CSAs and find the one that is right for you.

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