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Tuscan Kale Salad

Tweet For a long time, I wouldn’t even consider eating kale, collard greens, chard, any of those types of greens.  I’m not quite sure what I ate that reversed my opinion on these vegetables, but there is no going back.  … finish reading Tuscan Kale Salad

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One Year Blog-aversary

Tweet I was hoping to have an epic blog post today, as one year ago today I woke up a decided to start this blog.  Unfortunately I was just out of town for work and was unable to come up … finish reading One Year Blog-aversary

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Cheesy Pinto Bean Tart with Red Quinoa Crust: A Vegetarian Guest Post

Tweet Sometimes, my (otherwise wonderful, caring, handsome, and all around lovely) husband forgets I can cook. He’s kind of an alpha chef in the kitchen and our kitchen is pretty small, so we usually don’t cook together. And since he … finish reading Cheesy Pinto Bean Tart with Red Quinoa Crust: A Vegetarian Guest Post

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Rouge Tomate

Tweet Last night, for date night, we finally got to use our Yelp coupon to Rouge Tomate.  Getting $100 worth of food for $50 is always great, but when it’s a Michelin starred restaurant, I suppose it’s even better.  Located in … finish reading Rouge Tomate

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Weekly Blog Roundup – The Dive Bar

Tweet Who doesn’t love a great local watering hole (aka bar) where you know everyone (cue Cheers theme song) or at least know the bartender.  That’s the most important part anyway.  Around the corner from me is Broadway Dive, one … finish reading Weekly Blog Roundup – The Dive Bar

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Mac and Cheese

Tweet Recently Sarah Shaker, of the blog Bright Lights, My city, posted a review of Mac Bar and also asked me via twitter what my favorite comfort was.  My easy answer was meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans.  But … finish reading Mac and Cheese

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Mushroom Risotto

Tweet I love risotto.  But for some reason I have really only made it one other time. Shocking, I know.  The first time was back in August when I made red wine radicchio risotto.  I decided it was time to … finish reading Mushroom Risotto

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