Weekly Blog Roundup – The Dive Bar

Who doesn’t love a great local watering hole (aka bar) where you know everyone (cue Cheers theme song) or at least know the bartender.  That’s the most important part anyway.  Around the corner from me is Broadway Dive, one of three places with Dive bar in their name.  Turns out they fill growlers.  And soon they will just fill my mug with beer.  Its a great place and makes me miss my favorite bar in D.C., Solly’s.  Here, like Solly’s, they have Big Buck Hunter, a locals vibe and a juke box.  Solly’s is good for PBR in a can, but at Broadway Dive, they have tons of great beer.  The bartender is friendly and attentive, the specials are good, and did I mention they fill growlers and have buck hunter?

Broadway Dive on Urbanspoon

Why talk about Broadway Dive? Well, now that I have been to Dive Bar (their other location) and the local spot, I thought they deserved a mention.  When my friends from D.C. come to town to visit (hint, hint), we’ll be hitting this place up, that’s for sure.

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Now on to some links and recipes for the week…

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6 Responses to Weekly Blog Roundup – The Dive Bar

  1. iEatDC says:

    Ooh, a Taim truck? Taim, indeed. Taim me’od.

  2. lee seinfeld says:

    Thankyou what a nice review would love to meet you in person.

  3. @iEatDC – have you been to the actual Taim location? I really need to try that.

    @Lee – no problem. Great bar. Going after dinner tonight to pick, and then use my gift certificate. Thanks again

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  5. Angela says:

    Big Buck Hunter should be a requirement at every dive bar. I’m seriously considering lobbying for it to be federal law. Also, AW! SOLLY’S!! I miss D.C.

  6. I couldn’t agree more!! I want my own. Solly’s, yea. I miss it too…

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