Rickshaw Dumpling Food Truck

Just a few days ago, I posted about the movement of more food trucks to the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Well, here comes another one.  This time, Top Chef Master contestant Anita Lo, owner of Michelin starred Annisa, has brought her Rickshaw Dumpling truck to the Columbia University.  There apparently is a main location on 23rd street along with a fleet of trucks.

The dumpling truck only features three variety of dumplings, pork, chicken and vegetarian edamame.  Along with those, and their respective dipping sauces, you can order a side salad, miso soup, noodles and chilled edamame.  The cost of 6 dumplings is $6 and sides are another $3.  One oddity is the listing of a “special” where you get a side and dumplings for $9.  Well, guess what, that is the regular price! They should reduce this to $8.50 for a way to entice more people.

Anyway, on to the taste.  The dumpling were delicious.  The outer dumpling was soft, moist and not at all chewy.  They were quite hot, though an even fresher dumpling would have been better, but the filling was also tasty and perfect.  Chicken and Thai basil with a peanut sauce is a perfect combo and filling.  The noodle salad, which is the best value of the sides, is good, but a little greasy from sitting in its container.  Overall, I was nicely surprised to find great dumplings from a truck.  I tip my cap to you Ms. Lo.

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5 Responses to Rickshaw Dumpling Food Truck

  1. L A Cochran says:

    I love it when chefs/cooks are thoughtful enough to provide a vegetarian option! Sounds wonderful!

  2. City Share says:

    I have seen their trucks around, but have never given them a try. Thanks for testing them out for me. :) I hate it when places act like they have a lunch special and it’s the same price as everything a la carte (ok maybe “hate” is a strong word, but I find it annoying).

  3. Angela says:

    I need this truck now.

  4. There must be something like it out there?

  5. Angela says:

    Yes, but not right now as I’m sitting at my desk drooling. Sigh.

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