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Baked Macaroni with Red Pepper Puree

Tweet Last week, I posted a blog which provided a short tribute to Mark Bittman’s Minimalist column, which ended that same day.  In Bittman’s last column, he reminisced about his very first column, which detailed the greatness of a simple … finish reading Baked Macaroni with Red Pepper Puree

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Mark Bittman – The Minimalist: A Tribute

Tweet Many of you woke up today to read online or in the New York Times Dining & Wine section, that Mark Bittman, author of the Minimalist Column, decided to step away and end the column after 13 years.  I … finish reading Mark Bittman – The Minimalist: A Tribute

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Shrimp & Tofu Red Curry

Tweet Sometimes simple is delicious.  If you enjoy Thai (and other Asian foods) as much as I do, you’ll probably enjoy this, and maybe even start making curry at home rather than fork out $10/dish from your local Thai joint.  … finish reading Shrimp & Tofu Red Curry

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Vegetarian’s Guest Post: Potato and Cauliflower Gratin

Tweet You must be thinking, “wow, yet another guest post from the vegetarian?? I thought she never cooked?!! What’s going on?!” Well, I was recently on a month-long break from school for the holidays, so I spent slightly more time … finish reading Vegetarian’s Guest Post: Potato and Cauliflower Gratin

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Asian Marinated Bluefish with Crispy Sweet Potatoes

Tweet I must confess a slight bit of frugalness when doing some grocery shopping recently.  I was trying to pick out some fish, other than shrimp to purchase, and saw that bluefish was one of the least expensive choices.  I … finish reading Asian Marinated Bluefish with Crispy Sweet Potatoes

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Vegetarian Guest Post: Anna & Amy’s Cookie Spree

Tweet Recently one of my best friends, Amy, came over and we had a serious cookie baking session (while the carnivore watched football in the other room and happily served as a taste tester/bowl licker). Somehow we managed to pick … finish reading Vegetarian Guest Post: Anna & Amy’s Cookie Spree

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Braised Lentils and Fennel

Tweet Within the past year, I have started buying more dried beans, doing the over night soak and then cooking them, rather than using the canned stuff.  I’m sure the dried beans have little to no preservatives and most importantly … finish reading Braised Lentils and Fennel

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