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Normally with these short weekly reviews I have some sort of theme, like the Super Bowl, but this week I’ve drawn a complete blank. Writing about writers block, that’s so cool. Instead a particular topic, I’ll just mention a few random bits and post my regular set of links to recipes, articles or other food related tidbits.

One thing that was interesting was the new commercial fight over deal websites.  During the Super Bowl, both Groupon and Living Social offered up commercials to draw more attention to the ever growing industry. Groupon made most of the headlines with their attention grabbing commercial which seems to exploit the Tibetan way of life. At least Conan O’Brien did a nice follow up on it here:

Regardless, I’m still a big fan of Tenka, which only is available in New York City, but rather than make you buy a coupon, you just get free stuff, straight up. I’ve gotten a few nice meals from local food trucks from their deals.  Keep it up Tenka!

Ok, now some links and what not:

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