It’s that time of year again…CSA Signups

Despite the fact that it is a little bit cold out in New York City today, Spring is still right around the corner. Everyone cursed their clocks this past weekend when they lost an hour of sleep due to day light savings time, but it signals more light for farmers (and everyone else) and time to sign up for a CSA. Looking back on my last post on CSA’s, I actually used the same title (totally an accident) and I’m posting three days earlier than last year. This might be a broken record for those who read it last year, but everyone should sign up before all the shares are gone.

Many are thinking, “what’s a CSA and why should I care?” Well, I’ll tell you why. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which basically means, you pay a bit of money at the start of the farming season for a small share of that particular farm. Can you literally go see that plot on the farm? No, but you are doing is providing support to small farms, giving them money upfront and in return you get a certain amount of fruits and/or vegetables each week. CSA’s vary in size, but typically they are offered in either a full share or half a share.  A half share is good for a couple or someone living alone. While a full share would be good for friends to share, a family or a vegetarian/vegan.

Before moving to NYC, the vegetarian and I had CSA shares for a few years and they were both great. Getting bags full of veggies, often ones you don’t eat as often, gives you a challenge in the kitchen, supports a small farm and has you eating healthy. It’s a win, win, win.

If you are new to this, check out Local, a website which provides listing on hundreds of CSAs based on your location. They often will provide details on the typical weekly share, and give you options for how long you want to sign up. Check it out today and support local farmers.

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