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Support the Maryland Food Bank – Wegmans Gift Card Raffle

Tweet Being able to write about food all the time, and talk about what I can buy at Wegmans is great for me and most of my readers. But there are thousands of people out there, in this great country, … finish reading Support the Maryland Food Bank – Wegmans Gift Card Raffle

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Pasta with Sweet Pea Faux Pistou and Chèvre

Tweet One of my favorite columns/series on Serious Eats is French in Flash, authored by Kerry Saretsky, creator of French Food Revolution. The dishes are usually extremely simple and always even more delicious. Typically I put the ideas in the … finish reading Pasta with Sweet Pea Faux Pistou and Chèvre

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Creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Tweet   A few months ago I obtained an ice cream maker. Since then I’ve only used it twice to make a home version of the Pinkberry tart frozen yogurt. That yogurt is actually not that awful for you, being … finish reading Creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

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Root Vegetables: Tips, Tricks and Recipes

Tweet Just a few weeks ago, I tried something that I haven’t done on this blog before. I picked an ingredient, in that case fennel, and gave readers some tips, tricks and a few recipes for cooking the funny little … finish reading Root Vegetables: Tips, Tricks and Recipes

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Spring is coming and healthy eating

Tweet For those of you have read any number of posts here on the Carnivore and the Vegetarian, you’ll definitely know that I, the Carnivore, am never shy about telling you how much I love pork belly and other delicious … finish reading Spring is coming and healthy eating

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Pear Chutney

Tweet Just last week I posted an entry about fennel, and gave a few different recipes to go along with some tips. While it may not have been noticeable at the time, my fennel and apple salad was served along … finish reading Pear Chutney

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