Support the Maryland Food Bank – Wegmans Gift Card Raffle

Being able to write about food all the time, and talk about what I can buy at Wegmans is great for me and most of my readers. But there are thousands of people out there, in this great country, that don’t have access to 3 meals every day, let alone one. Folks who have to survive on less food and rely on food banks to provide for them.

I was recently informed about a raffle that supports the Maryland Food can enter for a mere $10 for a chance to win a $1,000 Wegmans gift card. Yea, a cool grand. Think about how delicious craft beers you could buy, along with pounds of buffalo wings, fancy cheeses or gourmet meats.

What you say? The 3rd Annual Blue Jean Ball Raffle. Tickets are $10, or 12 tickets for $100.

Why do it? Food prices are soaring and so is demand for help. Twelve tickets (or $100) enable the Maryland Food Bank to provide more than 200 missing meals to Marylanders in need. Need for food assistance does not diminish with warmer weather. In fact, the Maryland Food Bank has many summer-specific programs to reach the nearly 500,000 Marylanders in need.

How long do you have? Until May 30th, 2011.

More about the Maryland Food Bank: The mission of the Maryland Food Bank is to lead the movement and nurture the belief that together we can improve the lives of all Marylanders by ending hunger. With facilities in Baltimore and Salisbury, the Maryland Food Bank is in its 32nd year of operation and distributed 24 million missing meals last year through its statewide network.


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