Personal Matzo Brei’s with Red Peppers, Scallions and Parsley

Every year during Passover when I was growing up, my dad would make Matzo brei, which is basically crumbled up matzah that was soaked in water mixed with eggs. The version I’ve always had was very basic, nothing else added except salt and pepper, after it was on my plate. I have only made the breakfast (or lunch or dinner) dish a few times in recent memory… until now. I cam across Mango Tomato’s blog post on a delicious matzo brei with red peppers, olives and parsley. Rather than cooking it in a pan, she used a large cast iron skillet and made a large amount that could be divvied up to each hungry eater.

The mazo brei in that post was almost like a Passover version of a frittata. Using the cast iron skillet is genius, as you get a nice crispy exterior that way, and flipping it over part way through gets you that crispiness on both sides.

I happen to have a couple small cast iron pans I use for individual servings of mac and cheese or baked eggs which are perfect for this dish. Looking through my pantry, all I had were roasted peppers, parsley, onions and capers, no olives. I decided to do the same thing with Trader Joe’s roasted peppers, capers, parsley and onion. Unfortunately I only topped the dish with capers, though it would have been far better had they cooked inside. This a delicious recipe, and I think would be great with the olives as well. You could even use feta cheese (which I’ll have today for round 2 of matzo brei’s).

*As I get ready to post this, I’m eating a second version with roasted peppers, feta cheese and fresh basil. Definitely worth a try, depending what you have available.

Makes two individual portions in small cast iron pans
For a large cast iron pan, use 3 eggs and 3 pieces of Matzah
Recipe courtesy of Mango Tomato

2 eggs
2 pieces of matzah
1 red pepper, roasted, finely chopped
2 tablespoons fresh parsley, finely chopped
2 scallions, bottom removed, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Olive Oil Spray
Fresh Pepper
Kosher Salt

Add 1/2 tablespoon oil to each pan and heat over medium heat.

Meanwhile, soak matzah in a medium bowl with hot water for 30 seconds. Strain water and set aside. Beat eggs in a medium bowl and add matzah, roasted pepper, parsley, scallion and a pinch of salt and a black pepper. Add matzo and mix well.

Divide mixture between the two pans or all in one larger pan. Lower heat to medium-low and cook for 10 minutes in on large pan, or 5-7 minutes in two smaller pans. Don’t be tempted to move it around in order to develop a nice crust.

Turn off heat and place a small plate on top of the pan, flip over skillet onto plate. Add back to skillet with uncooked side down. Cook an additional 2-3 minutes in a small pan, 5 minutes in a large pan. Serve immediately. Enjoy!!

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2 Responses to Personal Matzo Brei’s with Red Peppers, Scallions and Parsley

  1. SOOOO happy you made this and liked it! And I don’t mind being called a genius 😉

    The version with feta and basil sounds great. Might have to make it again.

  2. I had the one with feta and basil at lunch today. It was totally awesome.

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