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I think if you added up the number of Anthony Bourdain related posts on this blog, it would reach embarrassing levels of fandom. That is very hard to escape. However, I think if you asked anyone really into food or that is an avid watcher of No Reservations, they’d probably admit that they wish they had Bourdain’s job, though they may not admit the same level of fandom. Who wouldn’t want to travel the world, eating while learning about local culture in the process. I suspect that Bourdain has learned things through meals that he may never have learned otherwise.

This past Saturday, Bourdain “played a show” and by a show, he went on some rants and then took questions. It was actually the first show in New York, which is hard to believe. I guess when you live there, it slips your mind. The Vegetarian was nice enough to buy me an early Birthday gift which was an orchestra ticket to the show and an after party with some food (very weak), open bar to a point, and a meet/photo opportunity with Bourdain himself.

I tried to think of what I’d say, or what I’d ask him in the short few moments I had. I opted to mention that my father-in-law looked like him and that I tried cui (guinea pig) in peru per his episode there. I got my photo and autograph, walking away smiling. It was well worth getting a chance to meet him, even if it was ever so short.

Bourdain will soon be taking his act to CNN, which will really just be the same show with more freedom (he hopes) and more money. I look forward to what new places he will visit and what new things he will share with the world.

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