2013 NYC Food Trends: Phở-nally?


I love Vietnamese food. I think I would go as far as to say it is my favorite type of food. There are lots of cuisines in second place, but for me, not much can compare to a bowl of steaming hot phở piled high with meat, bean sprouts and splashes of sriracha (don’t worry Mr. Banh Mi, you are not forgotten).

When I moved to Manhattan from Washington, D.C. and my work headquarters in Northern Virginia, I gave up these Vietnamese delights. To be fair, it’s not like New York City is lacking in just about any other cuisine category. I’ve tried to get phở in Manhattan and Flushing, but it’s really just not good. This will come out as snob-tastic, but seriously, the phở is NYC just plain sucks.

In a city where you can get Kangaroo meat (probably 24 hours a day), Uzbekistani food, Peruvian food, you name it food, why is it that there really is no GREAT Vietnamese food? Vietnamese food has subtle yet delicious flavors, uses vibrant vegetables, crispy warm bread topped with fresh “butter” and pate, all without being heavy.

New York City goes through food trends. Cupcakes? Check. Korean Food? Check. Pork Belly on everything? Check. Great What’s in store for 2013? According to some big publications and websites, winter vegetables will be featured more prominently. Chicken will come out of it’s shell and be less boring. Broccoli and cauliflower will dominate. And one of my favorite predictions, aged hot sauces will be highlighted. Yes, please.

I’m hope, praying, crossing my fingers, that 2013 is the year of Vietnamese food in New York City. The year of bo luc lac. The year I’ll be saying Bún bò Huế rather than crying boo hoo (despite the fact that the hoo is pronounced hway).


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