Before my recent dining experience at Komi, my only memory of the restaurant was my dinner there about four years ago with the Vegetarian and her parents. To this day, I remember the delicious stuffed dates and one bite Cesar salad ball, among other things. While I no longer live in the DC area, I knew that the day would finally come, when the stars would align and I’d make it back to Komi. That day finally arrived when the Vegetarian and I were dog sitting in the area and her parents once again, generously offered to take us to Komi. At long last.

Since our last visit, the menu is only offered as a pre fixe , so unless you have a dietary restriction or hate something in particular, you are in the chef’s hands. And trust me, you are never underwhelmed or disappointed. We also opted for a wine pairing, giving the night an even bigger thrill.

I’ve been to many restaurants, some that claim the best service, but in truth, Komi really offers the best in the business. Despite the high end meal, nothing feels stuffy, as the waitstaff is accommodating, warm and unmatched. You almost feel like you are in someone’s house, a house where you are about to eat a 12+ course dinner.

I wont go into every single course, partly because I honestly can’t remember the details of each one and partly because there are so many and no one is paying me by the word. I will however mention a few of the memorable dishes.

The dishes started light and became progressively richer and larger. The first few were mostly single bites. The raw salmon was silky and melted in your mouth. The octopus was probably the most perfectly cooked octopus I’ve ever eaten. There wasn’t a bit of chewiness or odd texture to speak of. The Date, which has kept me up at night, was once again heavenly. The scallop was served raw with uni (sea urchin) — I probably could have eaten 17 of those, no joke. The rabbit terrine was rich and to die for.

The “main” course was suckling pig and goat. Both were served with warm flatbread and some additional sauces. We basically made our own gyro sandwiches at the table. I appreciate the whimsical nature of the family style entree course. The goat was the best, most tender, I’ve had the pleasure to eat. The pig, as crazy as it sounds, was almost too rich. Not a piece was left uneaten, so there is that.

The dessert round included some small truffles and candy, along with a honey dessert, which honestly slipped my mind. Maybe it was the 7+ glasses of wine that came along with all these dishes.

I’ve indulged in wine pairings in the past, but the sommelier seemed to really have a great knowledge of unusual wines and provided unexpected pairings. We tasted wines from Greece, which typically isn’t even on my radar for ‘wines to try.’ We also had a white bordeaux which was outstanding. I’m still working on getting the list of wines, so that will be added later.

Komi remains unmatched in the DC region, and nationally, with their creative takes on simple classics like the gyro. Ingredients are taken to a new level and are served in an inviting setting that makes you wish the three hour meal was just starting again. If you ever have a special occasion or other reason to dine at Komi, you will not regret it.


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