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It might be winter, but I still stroll into my favorite coffee shops and order iced coffee. Days when it’s 20-something degrees? I still order it, despite the funny looks they give me. I have made iced coffee at home a few times, but it never really came out strong enough. After The Kitchn posted an article about french press iced coffee, citing an old NY Times recipe, I knew it was time to try again.

My recipe/ratio is from the Pioneer Woman who makes this in a large plastic container and strains out the grounds. My version makes much less at one time, but it couldn’t be easier. If you have a large 8 cup French press this is a really easy process, though you can just as easily use another container and strain it with a coffe filter, cheese cloth or a fine mesh strainer.

You are going to want to do this at least the night before you want to drink, at least 8 hours, or overnight.


Makes ~6 cups, depending how large and concentrated you like it

4 oz ground coffee (darker blend, ground medium coarse grind)
7.5 cups cold water
8 cup French press (or pitcher)

Simple syrup, condensed milk, artificial sweetners
Milk, cream, half and half, soy milk

Add cold water to French press.

In French press combine and mix coffee grounds with cold water, cover, but don’t press coffee. Let sit at room temperature overnight or at least 8 hours.

The following day, press press to separate grinds. if you notice any grounds being left behind (which there shouldn’t be), you can strain through a fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth.

Place in fridge to cool, or if you are impatient like me, fill a glass with ice** and pour in coffee about 2/3 full. Add milk, water, cream as desired. Stir and enjoy. Repeat as desired.

**If you want to get real fancy, fill an ice cube tray with the coffee concentrate and once frozen add to a plastic bag. Use instead of ice cubes and you’ll never have watered down iced coffee again!!


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