Whole Wheat Apple Ring Pancakes


I use Pinterest on and off. I’ll look for recipes to make or post recipes I want to save for later. Recently I awoke on a Sunday morning to the Vegetarian telling me that she saw a post for apple ring pancakes. The next words were “make for me?” Sounding delicious, I was happy to oblige.

I was a bit concerned when I was out of regular flour and only had whole wheat. Not wanting to go buy some, I searched for a good looking whole wheat pancake recipe. I picked one from skinny taste, mainly because of the picture. You could make this a lot easier of a process if you have bisquick, but personally, I’d rather make homemade pancakes, as it’s not a hard, long process.

Makes about 16-20 apple rings – I only cut up 2 apples, and had batter leftover

For the batter:

2 cups whole wheat flour
4 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 teaspoons sugar (I used 2 tablespoons instead)
2 large eggs
2 cups + 2 tablespoons fat free milk
2 teaspoons vanilla
cooking spray or butter

Mix the dry ingredients well in a medium bowl, preferably with a flour sifter. Add wet ingredients and mix until blended, don’t over mix.

For the apple ring pancakes:

2 large granny smith apples
powdered sugar (optional)

Heat a large non stick skillet over medium heat, add cooking spray or butter as needed.

When ready to cook, slice apples into 1/8 – 1/4 inch slices the width of the apple. Remove any seeds or parts of the core with a paring knife. Alternatively, you can use an apple corer and then slice the apple.

Using the toothpick dip the apple sliced into the batter and carefully add to the hot skillet. Depending on the size of the pan cook 2-4 at a time. You can add a tablespoon of addition batter to the top, as much of the batter will slide off. When batter is bubbling, about 2 minutes, flip and cook other side. Rings are done with pancake is golden brown.

Top with sprinkles of powdered sugar and syrup and/or butter.

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I like to eat. I like to cook. I like to eat what I cook. Now, I will share with you what I like to cook. My wife and I may be a vegetarian and a carnivore, but it doesn’t mean we can’t cook a nice meal with both, without compromising taste. I will share my creative meals of the Carnivore and the Vegetarian.
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