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I was recently invited to Jeanne and Gaston to try out their new Spring menu and while I had limited knowledge of this restaurant prior, it would be a place I’d recommend to someone looking for some delicious French food with Chef Claude Godard makes his own. The restaurant is very modern looking but at same time having a somewhat minimalist quality. Not your standard looking, run of the mill, French bistro interior.

A large, newly landscaped, garden area is located in back. I didn’t get a chance to see it due to the weather. But the garden seats 40 people and is open year round, with a tent up during the colder months.



You can see the menu we enjoyed above. We started with some mini-baguettes with warm butter (my biggest pet peeve is cold butter, glad they didn’t make this blunder). Next we received a Charcuterie platter with a number of different meats, salad, pickles etc. The chicken liver mousse was my favorite, as it was rich, creamy and delicate.



Next came warm smoked herring with a potato blinis and a citrus creme. The herring was well seasoned and the potato underneath was light and fresh. Not a heavy dish and made all of the diners I was with curious about the use of herring in France. Apparently it is served more in the South.



I was a little worried the next course, a quiche, would be heavy and be too filling. I was wrong. Boy was I wrong. The quiche was nestled in a small filo dough crisp with a nice salad of apples and greens. While we may have received a smaller version, a larger amount would still not be too heavy.



Next up, skate wing with Brussels Sprouts, capers, small croutons and a nice au jus. The skate was delicious and every little accompaniment made the dish better and work in harmony.



To finish us off with pure sugary bliss, we sampled the rum baba, apple charlotte and ginger creme brulee. I am not a creme brulee fan, but this was tasty, albeit a smaller, more enjoyable portion. My go to deserts are fruit filled, so I really wanted to love the apple charlotte the most, and I did. I enjoyed the rum baba too, but apples in dessert almost always reign supreme.


My overall experience was a great one. Each dish resembled and tasted very French, but they all had their own spin. The presentation of each dish was wonderful and the taste and flavors were able to match the plates. I would head back to that garden sometime soon and each about a pound of that chicken liver mousse and a full portion of skate wing.

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