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La coulée verte
Image courtesy of Viso Terra

Depending how many days you have in Paris, there are probably loads of places on your list. If you’ve already been to Paris, or if you have the time, there is one hidden gem: La Coulée verte or Paris’ version of the Highline park (located in Manhattan). Essentially, the La Coulée verte is a long stretch of narrow park above an old viaduct, which is now shops. You wont find many tourists either, a breath of fresh air in Paris during the high season.

The entire walk along the La Coulée verte is about 2.9 miles or 4.7 km and is located in the 12e. You can walk slowly, enjoy a baguette at one of the many benches, or hop down and eat at L’Arrosoir, which is what we did. The restaurant is large, with many outdoor tables and indoor areas. The menu is extensive and you can’t go wrong with the tartar with frites.


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