Paname French Restaurant – Old school meets new school

On a typically barren part of the Upper East Side of Manhattan sits Paname — a French restaurant that serves many classic dishes along side not so typical cuisine. The ability to strike a balance between the two makes it a successful menu.

The owner and head Chef Bernard Ros has been cooking in his own restaurants for over 4 decades and has made the move to this location in the hopes of capitalizing on a new 50 story residential tower, as well as the numerous businesses nearby. It is not typically an area one might seek out a delicious restaurant, but here we are.

The restaurant boasts a very cheap lunch menu as well as a 3-course dinner for just $42. Not many restaurants can offer a deal like that and with so many options to chose from for each course.

The menu consists of classics like crispy duck, with a mango sauce instead of the typical orange. A nice twist. There are also delicious non-traditional French items like tuna tartar. But you really must not miss the Pate Maison — delicious pate that is one of the best items on the menu. The aforementioned duck is a must try, along with the Cod la nicoise. A delicious southern French style dish that pops off the plate. You also can’t miss on the bouillabaisse.

Aside from the food, there are many reasonably priced wines by the glass and the bottles are also quite affordable. Along side your wine and main dishes, you will be presented with numerous amuse-bouche, that range from a single bite to delicious creamy sorbet before dessert.

I would definitely recommend coming down for some pate, bouillabaisse and a nice glass of French wine. That is before the local apartment complex fills up the reservation book.

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