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Italian ‘Cassoulet’ with Sausage and Beans

Tweet It has become all to regular to find a delicious recipe on Serious Eats. There are certain recipes that do take a bit of effort and time, but this is one that really doesn’t take much time at all. … finish reading Italian ‘Cassoulet’ with Sausage and Beans

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Pasta with Sausage Tomato Sauce (White Bean Tomato Sauce)

Tweet I make tomato sauce all the time, and hardly ever post it due to its simplicity and maybe “boringness” factor. The next time I make my straight tomato sauce, I will post it, but for now, you’ll have to … finish reading Pasta with Sausage Tomato Sauce (White Bean Tomato Sauce)

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Bangers and Mash with Red Wine Gravy

Tweet Having lived in London for nearly a year, Bangers & Mash became one of the few British dishes that I really liked enough to eat often. Every pub, cafe and restaurant had their own way of making it, with … finish reading Bangers and Mash with Red Wine Gravy

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Turkey Sausage and Sirloin Chili

Tweet A few months ago I was watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and they said something that surprised me about spicy foods. Eating spicy foods in the summer actually cools you off. After they explained that it … finish reading Turkey Sausage and Sirloin Chili

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