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Roasted Chickpeas – A perfect snack

Tweet A couple days ago I finally decided to use a box of dried chickpeas (garbanzo beans). After soaking them, I realized I had way more than I could use in one meal. After making an eggplant, chickpea and tomato … finish reading Roasted Chickpeas – A perfect snack

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What are your fridge and pantry staples?

Tweet Yes, yes, the Carnivore and the Vegetarian blog still lives! It has been a while since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy with a variety of things and have neglected the blog for way too long.  Anyway, I … finish reading What are your fridge and pantry staples?

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Mexican Style Quinoa

Tweet Quinoa is delicious and very healthy, but I do find myself trying to figure out what to do to make it more exciting. I’ve gone the way of making salads with beets, adding beans, among other things, but the … finish reading Mexican Style Quinoa

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Bean and Veggie Sliders

Tweet Almost every recipe that I post comes from an online source, a cookbook or something I make up in the kitchen. I don’t subscribe to any magazines like Food And Wine or Saveur, so I don’t really use those … finish reading Bean and Veggie Sliders

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Braised Lentils and Fennel

Tweet Within the past year, I have started buying more dried beans, doing the over night soak and then cooking them, rather than using the canned stuff.  I’m sure the dried beans have little to no preservatives and most importantly … finish reading Braised Lentils and Fennel

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Cheesy Pinto Bean Tart with Red Quinoa Crust: A Vegetarian Guest Post

Tweet Sometimes, my (otherwise wonderful, caring, handsome, and all around lovely) husband forgets I can cook. He’s kind of an alpha chef in the kitchen and our kitchen is pretty small, so we usually don’t cook together. And since he … finish reading Cheesy Pinto Bean Tart with Red Quinoa Crust: A Vegetarian Guest Post

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Chili Recipe Redux with Chipotle Sauce

Tweet So, as recently as last Friday, I wrote a little bit about Chili. The weather is getting colder, yada yada yada, I made chili last weekend. There probably is not a soup, gumbo or chowder that I like more … finish reading Chili Recipe Redux with Chipotle Sauce

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