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WerYoo – a new app to share photos

Tweet WerYoo is a new photo sharing app that let’s friends share pics of food, friends, cool places all while letting those friends see where the photo was taken. Users can check out photos nearby their current location, see what events … finish reading WerYoo – a new app to share photos

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Studiofeast “The Last Meal 2011”

Tweet Last summer, Studiofeast put together a dinner entitled the Doppelganger which was a 6-course dinner featuring dishes that had a meat version and a perfect look alike vegetarian version. That dinner is a complete embodiment of what the Carnivore and the … finish reading Studiofeast “The Last Meal 2011”

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The Simpsons – The Food Wife

Tweet I suppose it would have been more fitting for a post on Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons to get posted before the episode, but things didn’t work out that way. I am a huge Simpsons fan, though I can honestly … finish reading The Simpsons – The Food Wife

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Check out my Guest Post on Dining in DC

Tweet Sorry, this entry is tad bit of self promotion, but I wanted to draw your attention to two things. I was asked by Lisa Shapiro, of Dining in DC, to provide a guest post on something Dining related and … finish reading Check out my Guest Post on Dining in DC

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Volt Restaurant – The Review

Tweet For almost a year (and even before Top Chef) I have been waiting to eat at Volt. When Bryan Voltaggio was selected to be on Top Chef, I knew that it was going to be harder to get a … finish reading Volt Restaurant – The Review

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Food Blogging, Social Media…What's Next?

Tweet When I started this blog in October of last year, I didn’t know much about the food blogging scene.  I knew that there were hundreds of people out there, just like me, who enjoyed cooking, enjoyed writing, and wanted … finish reading Food Blogging, Social Media…What's Next?

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Welcome to the carnivore and the vegetarian

Tweet Throughout my life I was privileged to eat my mom’s delicious home-cooked meals. I stood next to the counter as my mom prepared her famous brisket, filled a crock-pot with delicious stews or roll out her home-made pie crust, … finish reading Welcome to the carnivore and the vegetarian

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