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Moules Dijonnaise

Tweet   Only a day after a writing a blog post on the survival of printed cookbooks I am posting about a recipe I found online. Does this mean I’ve suddenly abandoned cookbooks? No way. It only means that Serious … finish reading Moules Dijonnaise

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Mussels with Spicy Red Sauce

Tweet Yesterday I posted a recipe for some braised chicken thighs which required a cup of crushed canned tomatoes. Since I was sitting with almost a full can of tomatoes, I needed to figure out what to do with them. … finish reading Mussels with Spicy Red Sauce

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Boneless Chicken Thighs Braised in Balsamic Vinegar

Tweet Recently I was trying to decide how to braise some boneless (and skinless) chicken thighs I had that needed to be cooked. Typically, when I have bone in chicken thighs, I’d do something with tomatoes, white wine and herbs. … finish reading Boneless Chicken Thighs Braised in Balsamic Vinegar

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Homemade Angel Hair

Tweet Over a year ago, I purchased the pasta roller attachment for our KitchenAid mixer.  When we bought it, we made pasta a few times, but each time the pasta did not turn out all that great.  Each time we … finish reading Homemade Angel Hair

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Mushroom Risotto

Tweet I love risotto.  But for some reason I have really only made it one other time. Shocking, I know.  The first time was back in August when I made red wine radicchio risotto.  I decided it was time to … finish reading Mushroom Risotto

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Chicken and Tofu Piccata

Tweet I can’t really explain why I wanted to make this dish tonight.  Yesterday I wanted to make chicken piccata but I did not have any capers.  Today I picked some fresh capers up at the olive bar, and they … finish reading Chicken and Tofu Piccata

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TJ's Lemon Pepper Pappardelle with Peppers and Peas

Tweet Just a few days ago, Alejandra Owens of One Bite at a Time posted about how awesome Pappardelle pasta can be with a nice reduced wine sauce.  I happen to agree.  She also mentioned one of my favorite things … finish reading TJ's Lemon Pepper Pappardelle with Peppers and Peas

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