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Paris – off the beaten track

Tweet Image courtesy of Viso Terra Depending how many days you have in Paris, there are probably loads of places on your list. If you’ve already been to Paris, or if you have the time, there is one hidden gem: … finish reading Paris – off the beaten track

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St. John Bar and Restaurant

Tweet Nose to tail. That’s what¬†Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver were trying to serve when they opened St. John in October 1994. When I last lived in London, back in 2006-7, I had little interest in trying bone marrow or … finish reading St. John Bar and Restaurant

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Polpo – London’s ‘Meatball Shop’

Tweet I have been hearing about Polpo, an Italian tapas restaurant in London, since the last time the Vegetarian was in the mighty United Kingdom. Polpo has a few locations (Soho, Smithfield and Covent Garden), along with a couple other … finish reading Polpo – London’s ‘Meatball Shop’

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Zaika Indian Restaurant – London

Tweet Pretty much all of the top Indian food I’ve eaten in my life was somewhere in London. There is Brick Lane, which houses dozens and dozens of Indian restaurants, as well as the hundreds of others that litter the … finish reading Zaika Indian Restaurant – London

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The Carnivore and Vegetarian go to London and Paris

Tweet While the Vegetarian has been in London for school research for a couple weeks, I ¬†joined her this morning. After about a week in London, we will head to Paris and then back to London. I lived in London … finish reading The Carnivore and Vegetarian go to London and Paris

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Minneapolis: A food and Bourbon town where I least expected it

Tweet Just this past week I flew out to Minneapolis for a work conference with several co-workers. Before I go to any new city, whether for work or pleasure, I always do research on restaurants, bars, and other places I … finish reading Minneapolis: A food and Bourbon town where I least expected it

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Food Blogging, Social Media…What's Next?

Tweet When I started this blog in October of last year, I didn’t know much about the food blogging scene.  I knew that there were hundreds of people out there, just like me, who enjoyed cooking, enjoyed writing, and wanted … finish reading Food Blogging, Social Media…What's Next?

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