Chopped Liver Salad

Chopped Liver, a staple to Jewish cuisine. I noticed that I had not made any typical Jewish dishes, despite having mentioned a few in the inaugural blog post. This will be the first of many dishes (99% of which are my mom’s recipe), though this really isn’t a stand alone dish. Usually served on a sandwich with corned beef or pastrami, or on a bagel with cheese, chopped liver is pretty versatile. This recipe doesn’t take long to make and is very easy to do.  My mom taught me this recipe.  I think that she may have told me it wasn’t chicken liver the first time I ate it.   After I liked it, then she told me what it really was.
All you need are:
2 Eggs
2 small/medium onions, preferably not red
1 container chicken livers
2-3 tablespoons vegetable or other oil (can substitute with chicken fat)

Hard boil 2 eggs. Set aside. Once cooled, smash up into smaller pieces. Slice onions into thin slices and heat oil on medium in large sauté pan. Add onions once oil begins to smoke and cook until they are completely cooked. Add chicken livers, after cleaning off any fatty or parts that don’t seem appetizing — Yes, im sure many would say the whole liver isn’t appetizing, just as I once did. This recipe changed that.
Cook livers until fully cooked, adding salt and pepper to taste. In small portions add egg, onions and liver to a food processor. Blend well, but not to a smooth consistency. You want the chopped liver to be chunky.
Once blended, refrigerate for a few hours and then serve. If you haven’t had livers or chopped livers before, this will convert you, I promise.

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