Lima, Peru ~ day 1

I suppose this entry (and I guess my last entry) and some of my upcoming entries don´t really fit completely with the theme of the blog.  I´m not offering any recipes, food ideas, and possibly no talk of food at all (yea right, of course I will), but I figured I might as well jot down some of my impressions, random thoughts or comments about Peru.

After our flight from Atlanta to Lima was delayed a couple hours, we arrived to our hotel, in the San Isidro area of Lima, after about 20 hours of being awake, at airports and on planes.  It was nice to relax, in a gorgeous hotel and get some rest.  If anyone has traveled with me before, they know I like to waste little time at the hotel and see as much as I possibly can.  After a tasty breakfast buffet, we were off the races, well, not really.

Our drive from the airport to the hotel really showcased the different neighborhoods of the large city (9 million!!).  As we drove, we passed slums, nice apartments, casino after casino, clubs and bars that were still jumping at 2 am, and then it got nicer as we approached our hotel.  I suppose this is no different than the drive from the San Fran airport to downtown in California.

Anyway, we headed to the downtown which was about 15 minutes north of the hotel.  We walked around the immense squares and narrow streets, lined with stores that appeared to be intended for locals, not tourists.  We toured the San Francisco Monestary, which included a great tour of art, catacombs which showcased 24,000+ skeletons, the huge church, among other things. 

We sampled a local chicken restaurant that was packed with locals, always a good sign.  I finally got to taste the local drink, the Pisco Sour.  It was very tasty, but I dont know that I´m a huge fan of the sour drinks.  I might stick to the local beer. Our cab driver informed us that Peru is one of the few countries in the world that has grown since the global recession and that gold, silver and copper business remains booming.  Guess I need to pick me up some of that.

I will have to leave this entry, as it is time to get ready for a rehearsal dinner in about an hour.  Hopefully there will be some delicious ceviche and guinea pig (yes, I´m serious).  Until tomorrow, when I hope to post some pictures, and some other insight (since this really didn´t have much) on this great city.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Whatever you do, don´t pass up your Pisco Sour opps. Everyone´s is a little different and eventually you will find the one you love. Pisco sours are the most elegant drinks around. If you are still in Lima and want to enjoy great cocktails go to Brujas De Cachiche, they specialize in infused pisco cocktails. Go try the Coca Sour, yes coca leaf infused pisco sours. That is just one of many great one.


  2. Thanks for the tip. I tried pisco sours and several different locations around Lima. I am currently in the sacred valley and they boast the coca sour at the hotel bar. I will try that. thanks

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