The Honesty Award…

I’m glad that I finally decided to start this blog just a few short months ago in October or 2009. If it hadn’t been for that I wouldn’t have found something so enjoyable and a hobby that is probably more than just a hobby. Doing something I greatly enjoy, cooking and then getting to eat and tell people about that creation is pretty awesome too (I really need a thesaurus). I’m just learning the photography aspect of this, and obviously the cooking skills could use more and more practice too.

Anyway, before I ramble on too much, just a few days ago Scott at Fight the Fat Foodie passed on an award to me called the Honesty Award. I was excited not only that someone liked blog enough to give it an award, but that someone was reading my blog (yea..I know there are others). It was a nice honor and since joining Foodbuzz, He was one of the first people to add me as a friend and read my blog. His blog is one of the first that I started reading and has a lot of great, delicious and healthy meals. Totally worth the read and to add to your rss feed (no more rhymes, i swear). I am honored that he would include me on his list.

As part of the “honesty scrap” honesty award, I am required to tell 10 honest things about myself and pass this on to 10 other blogs out there. I’ll give it a shot…some might just be facts, so I guess they are honest as well:

1. I was recently engaged in October and will be getting married to the “vegetarian” (from the blog title) this summer :)
2. I owe most of my cooking ability and a lot of information (without realizing it) about cooking to my mom. She has great recipes for everything, and every now and then one gets added to my blog.
3. I love vietnamese food and wish I could cook it successfully.
4. I dream about a huge kitchen with viking ovens and range and a rack filled with every spice you’ll ever need.
5. Someday I will open a restaurant. But I’ll have to find someone else to cook.
6. Garlic. More Garlic. Oh, and more Garlic.
7. Nothing is better on a cold day than a steaming bowl of Pho. (pronounced Pha, definitely a pet peeve of mine).
8. I have a dog that HATES it when I do lots of chopping in the kitchen. Causes some issues. Crazy dog.
9. My dream job is on No Reservations, traveling, eating and seeing the world.
10. I have a lot to learn about cooking.

The ten bloggers that I would like to pass this on to are (no particular order, and no hard feelings for the other great blogs I read too):

An Opera Singer in the Kitchen – One of the first food blogs I followed from FoodBuzz. Makes delicious Vegan and Carnivorous meals, something I can really relate too. So many delicious recipes that I want to make all in one place.
My Boyfriend Likes it, So it MUST be Good – Another of the early blogs that I followed. Has great recipes that can easily be adapted with what ingredients you have around, something I fully support. I need to make those smoked sausage fajitas asap.
Culinary Musings – Another one of my favorite blogs. Just as I’m typing this, a bloody mary recipe was just posted that has me drooling. I find it amazing she has no photography or cooking training, some amazing stuff on there.
Food Wonder Lust – Another great blog that shares my passion in traveling, food and cooking.
Kiss My Spatula – I just stumbled on this blog and was immediately marveled and the amazing photos and fantastic food. The homemade goat cheese drew me in. Everything else has kept me from leaving.
Mother Rimmy’s cooking Light Done Right – The person who (I believe) started this award. I cant thank her enough for her early comments on my blog. Oh, and by the way, has some great looking food.
Let Me Eat Cake – desserts, plentiful desserts. What more can i say about delicious cake. mmm
Cook Think – Maybe not just a personal blog, but it is a great resource. Lots of great recipes.
Hungry Cravings – Great site and also great techniques pages and videos. Not to mention drool worthy food and fantastic photos.
Natalie Killer Cuisine – Killer Cuisine is right. Lots of Food Porn here.

Hope you Enjoy Checking out these blogs and of course Scott’s blog.

About Evan Halperin

I like to eat. I like to cook. I like to eat what I cook. Now, I will share with you what I like to cook. My wife and I may be a vegetarian and a carnivore, but it doesn’t mean we can’t cook a nice meal with both, without compromising taste. I will share my creative meals of the Carnivore and the Vegetarian.
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4 Responses to The Honesty Award…

  1. Scott K says:

    I agree with you about garlic!

  2. Jumped on here to leave a comment and whadda ya know?! I'm mentioned :) Quite an unexpected and flattering surprise! Thank you SO much!

    So for the computer illiterate people (*cough*me*cough*), what do I do from here? Completely lost so please shed some much needed light.

    And btw, my boyfriend and I completely 100% agree with you on the garlic. It's like an 80s song…"I just can't get enough…"

  3. No problem.

    I suppose if you want to post on your site, you could just copy the picture to upload on your blog, and just copy the format. I pretty much did it based off of Scott's blog post.

  4. Wow, I'm so honored to be on your list! Thanks a million!

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