Roasted Pork Shoulder with Turnip and Potato Mash

I’m sure you have heard the expression, “everything but the kitchen sink,” but maybe not always associated with cooking. I think this can apply to crock pot cooking and even more specifically, pork shoulder (aka. Pulled Pork).
It had been a while since I broke out the crock pot, so tonight I picked up a 3 pound hunk of boneless pork shoulder, covered with a ton of seasonings, chicken stock and let the crock pot do the rest. Many would eat this as a sandwich of pulled pork, but instead, I’ll just be eating it with its own drippings, mixed with a little corn starch and a little more seasonings, reduced down for a nice gravy-esque sauce. On the side, turnip and potato mash. (See next entry for the other vegetarian side of this meal, and my first attempt at using Phyllo dough).

Here is the glorious recipe for the slab of pork.
(serves about 4)
3 lbs. boneless pork shoulder (butt)
2 tsp cumin
2 tsp garlic powder
1 Tbl sriracha sauce
2 tsp ground chili powder
1 tsp kosher salt (something odd about using Kosher salt with pork…hmm)
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp adobo seasoning
1/4 tsp mustard powder
2 cups (16 oz) Chicken or Beef Stock
1 Tbl olive oil

Combine all seasonings except sriracha in bowl. Heat oil in pan over medium heat. Sear pork on each side for a minute each. Rub with 1/2 of the seasonings. Place into crock pot. Add stock and remaining seasonings. Cook on high for 4-5 hours. Check every hour to rotate pork.
Once completely tender to the point of falling apart, let rest on cutting board for 15 minutes. Pull apart with tongs/fork.
(I didn’t include a recipe for any sauce, but you can use your favorite bbq sauce or use skim the fat off the leftovers from the crock pot and add corn starch to thicken and any additional spices you may want.)

Turnip and Potato Mash
1 Large Turnip (or 2 medium)
~ 1 lbs white potatoes
2 Tbl margarine
1/8 cup milk
Boil turnips and potatoes (separately due to varied boiling times). The Turnips take longer. Boil both until tender. Mash, add milk and margarine. Mash again until smooth.

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I like to eat. I like to cook. I like to eat what I cook. Now, I will share with you what I like to cook. My wife and I may be a vegetarian and a carnivore, but it doesn’t mean we can’t cook a nice meal with both, without compromising taste. I will share my creative meals of the Carnivore and the Vegetarian.
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