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I haven’t written to many reviews or blog posts about restaurants I have been to, instead I post most of them over on yelp. I decided that I will start trying to do more over here on the carnivore and the vegetarian.

Today I was out in Rockville and decided to stop by Amina Thai, after a failed attempt to go to Addie’s. I’ll be back to Addie’s soon, as its a place I didn’t even know about, but the menu alone will see me back. Amina Thai is what I would call a hole-in-the-wall from the outside. It is in an a very unassuming little strip mall and from the florescent lights outside, you may not expect delicious thai food inside.

The interior is very small about 10 tables and very charming. Not a lot of decor except some nice pictures on the wall. The waitress was very friendly and sat us quickly. Throughout the meal she was attentive, as was the other waiter/server who brought our food and filled water etc. The food here is your standard thai, however the meat is Halal, meaning no pork. More on that later.

To start we opted to order the Vegetarian Vegetable Steamed Dumplings. Most places you find the dumplings to be a white color and usually a bit thick, sometimes chewy. Here they appeared to be egg noodles and very fresh. Most likely wrapped and steamed to order. The dipping sauce was almost like hoison sauce, but not as thick and with more tang than sweetness. They were delicious, and with 5 in an order, a fight could ensue over the odd numbered dumpling.

For our entrees, I went with an old standby of Pad Pik Khing, which is red curry with chicken/beef and string beans. I have ordered it many places and this was one of the more exceptional versions. The chicken was very fresh, maybe because it was Halal, and very tender. You could tell it wasn’t frozen and was also cooked fresh for each order. The spice level was what I would consider a medium spice. I could have tolerated a bit more, but it was the right level to still enjoy the rest of the dish.

Anna decided to order the Spicy Tofu, on the mild side, so I guess you’d call it “the tofu.” It was served in a black bean sauce with onions, sprouts, garlic and mushrooms. The tofu can be ordered soft or fried, and while she wanted the soft version, she did not tell the waitress. It came fried, but ended up being delicious. The tofu wasn’t chewy and overly fried. The sauce was mild and flavorful.

Both dishes were quite sizable, no skimpy portions here. The restaurant had a steady stream of people coming in, always a good sign. It was basically packed the entire time. The prices here are very reasonable, about average for thai food. About $10 per entree and $5.50 for dumplings.

While I would not travel to Rockville to go here, it is a very good Thai option if you are in the area.

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