Wood Plank Grilled Red Snapper

Maybe its not all the rage now a days, but I have seen more restaurants feature fish and steaks cooked on cedar (or other wood) planks.  Recently, at whole foods, I noticed that they were selling these planks in the seafood section.  Needing to give it a shot, I picked up some planks and some red snapper and decided to give it a shot.

Now I don’t know if this works better on a coal/wood grill versus a gas grill, but I do know that afterward the planks were burned to a crisp.  I need to do a little research to see if that is supposed to happen.  Despite not having my camera charger, as it’s packed up with my things in new york (I’m at my parents for the week in Maryland), I only have a picture from my blackberry, sorry!  The fish itself came out amazing and tasted great, so here is the brief recipe.


Serves 2

2 whole red snapper, cleaned and scaled
2 teaspoons sea salt
black pepper
2 slices of lemon, cut in half
4 sage leaves
1/2 teaspoon dry parsley
1/2 teaspoon fish seasonings
2 teaspoons olive oil
2 medium cedar planks, soaked in water for 2 hours just prior

Remove the heads from the fish, if they are not already.  Season the inside of each fish with half of the above seasonings, except oil, and slip the lemon and sage into the fish.  cover the outside with oil and place on planks.

Cook on medium heat in a preheated grill.  Place planks to part of grill without direct flames.  To prevent the plank from catching fire, gently mist the planks.  Cook for about 10-12 minutes per side, or until fish is tender and cooked through.  Enjoy with a side of Brussels Sprouts and mushrooms or any other side.

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2 Responses to Wood Plank Grilled Red Snapper

  1. Angela says:

    I really wish I had a grill, I LOVE whole grilled fish. And I've always wondered about those planks. Did you really taste the cedar? I don't suppose you can use them in an oven…

  2. Yea, you can definitely taste the cedar/smoked flavor. I wont have a grill once im back in NY :(

    I dont think it works in the oven, but id check it online, might be able to replicate it somehow

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