The Awkward Picture

Taking pictures at fancy restaurants.  I’m sure that countless people have written a blog on this exact same subject, but I’m curious to get any recent opinions on the subject.

Food blogs pop up every day and with them come bloggers who want to eat out, take pictures to document their meals and share them with others.  This becomes more common every day.  However, do you ever feel awkward if its a fancy restaurant?  I know that many places expect this type of behavior, so long as you are respectful and doesn’t use a flash (at least I don’t think you should).  Has anyone had an experience where someone told them to stop taking pictures? Or tell you delete the pics you did take?

Earlier this year, I dined at Volt in Frederick Maryland.  I took plenty of pictures of each dish despite being in the small tasting room, next to the Table 21 seating area.  Despite others taking pics, I still felt awkward, like everyone was snickering “look at that kid taking pics, this is a nice place.”

I’m planning to eat dinner tomorrow at Babbo, Mario Batali’s flagship restaurant (or so I believe), and while it may not be at the peak of popularity, the food will certaintly be excellent and I hope to take pics.  Hopefully Mario wont stop out in his clogs and slam my camera on the floor.  Wait, who am I kidding, he probably hasn’t been to Babbo in years.

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7 Responses to The Awkward Picture

  1. iEatDC says:

    If I remember correctly, several DC area bloggers were told to refasten their lens caps at Cork. I took some very quiet photos on the sly at B&B Ristorante in Vegas and no one said anything–our table was pretty private in a little hallway-like wine storage area (in a pretty way, not like a closet), but I imagine I would have felt a little embarrassed if we were in the middle of a room, "floating." If I think I won't be able to take pictures or shouldn't, I'll get a nice one of the front. That'll do.

  2. yea, I mean if worst comes to worst, I can do that. I should just get over feeling weird about it

  3. City Share says:

    I also feel embarrassed taking pictures in the middle of the dining room, but I have never had anyone tell me not too. There have been times when I felt self concious and I look up to see other people taking pictures too. I guess you just have to read the place, or maybe even ask your server. Enjoy Babbo! We live pretty close to it, but haven't made it in for dinner yet.

  4. Yea, reading the place is definitely a good idea. I don't necessarily care if people find it annoying, but I hate the looks

  5. dcportraits says:

    I make it a point to shoot at every fine dining restaurant that I eat at. mostly because I don't have the money to usually go back hehe. I've never been told to put my camera down or away. When I bring my camera, I come legit. I bring my huge Canon 1D and my big macro lens and go for it. The chefs that I encounter encourage it and are usually happy to slowly pour soups or dish things to create a scene. Good luck at Babbo!

  6. Looked at some of your pics, they are pretty impressive if that is at a restaurant (or even not). I'm sure the chef's love when there are HQ pics out there of the food 😉 I have a low cannon SLR, but i usually bring a point and shoot for restaurants.

  7. As you know, we took pics at Volt, and I'm pretty sure it's encouraged there. That said, I'm not a fan of taking pics everywhere – one, because I am not particularly good at it, and two, because I like to enjoy the experience and get the true feel. Table 21, however, was a perfect exception to my rule – it would be incredibly difficult to sufficiently describe the food and the whole Table 21 experience is not your typical romantic dining occasion.

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