Weekly Blog Roundup and the Ever Popular “Deal of the Day”

This week I plan to keep in the same style, except this week I’m going to be the 1000th blog or website to talk about the new “deal of the day” concept that is spreading like crazy.  If you’re city doesn’t have one, it’s probably because there aren’t any restaurants there.

Yea, I know, we just were in a recession, restaurants are doing whatever they can to get you to eat their food instead of someone else’s, but still, this is getting out of hand.  Here are just a few of them, plus some that are nearly brand new:

Oh, and did I mention the possibility of selling a deal you bought that you decided you actually do not want? Yea, you can do that too at  Lifesta.com.  Just don’t try to start scalping, ok?

So you all don’t feel to deprived, here are some links and recipes that caught my eye this week.

Serious Eats Recipes gives us a delicious Ratatouille with chickpeas for only $8 – who said it wasn’t the meal of peasants.

The Kitchn showcases 5 authentic Mexican recipes from Rick Bayless.

The famous Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem is opening a new location 2 blocks from the previous – serving dinner, band stage and more. Zagat has the scoop and video to prove it.

Top Chef crowned a champion, even if it wasn’t the right person.

If you know the secret, you can get the best (and cheapest) dumplings in New York City.

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