Weekly Blog Roundup: Superbowl Edition

Ok, I don’t know what happened or how it happened, but for some reason I stopped posting a Friday weekly blog round up.  I was pretty vigilant about it for a while and then it faded off.  I’m going to try and go back to posting it again and so some of the things today might be a bit further than a week ago — though most are recipes that don’t really have a time stamp on them.

While completely unrelated to food, I thought I’d mention the iPhone coming to Verizon, the carrier I use.  While I’ve sweated the phone for years now, I’m going to be patient and wait until Apple releases the iPhone 5 this summer, which they will, and jump on the bandwagon then.

Now, as most of this country knows, the Superbowl is coming up in just two days.  Today is the day to start buying your ingredients to prepare a superbowl feast.  The most obvious dish to make are buffalo wings…but why not Buffalo sweetbreads (see links below)? Many people order pizza, but I think you should make your own. It’s much easier, and you can easily buy dough and sauce.  Making your own bread and dips is another nice touch.  You can buy cheese or other prepared goodies to serve on the bread.  The superbowl is about dishes to share, so a big pot of steamed mussels is another smart move. Below in the link section, I’ll add some that have come across my google reader.

On to more food related things.  Here are some links, recipes and other articles that are worth mentioning:

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