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Back when I was living in DC, the number of quick food (not fast food) options that specialized in made-to-order salads seems to be rising faster than I could count. You would think that in New York City would have all of these chains and more. But, unfortunately that is not so. One chain that is available in NYC is one called Tossed. They offer a variety of salad options or the ability to create your own. Sandwiches and wraps are among the choices as well. When offered to come in and try a couple, I was happy to oblige. The salads were tasty, and quite large, though the actual cost of adding a few proteins and cheese, does get up there a bit. However, being that it is located on Park Avenue South, the price does fit the area, and the city. Its definitely worth a try.

While you can definitely get a salad all over the city, I would love to see more of these options like Mixt Greens and others, to really get the competition up. The more the better. Id rather see more salad places than more overrated Five Guys burger locations (yes, they are way way way overrated).

Anyway, as per usual, here is some linkage, mostly recipes this time:

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