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I suppose it would have been more fitting for a post on Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons to get posted before the episode, but things didn’t work out that way. I am a huge Simpsons fan, though I can honestly say I haven’t watched any new episodes in about two years or more. The main reason is that it wasn’t nearly as funny as it was during the golden years (Seasons 2-9, depending who you ask). Most episodes now a days take on a big social fad or poke fun at something that only the Simpsons could poke fun of…(maybe Family Guy, but don’t get me started on that).

Sunday’s episode entitled The Food Wife details Marge’s journey to becoming a foodie. After having car trouble, Bart, Lisa and Marge enter a strange part of town and end up parked in front of an Ethiopian restaurant. After being tentative, Marge opts to order something from the “untranslated part of the menu.” This leads Marge to discover a delicious cuisine and start a food blog called “The Three Mouthketeers.” Hilarity ensues with an awesome montage video and song which included hilarious lines like:

I’ll be “Frank” like Bruni, “Ruthless” like Reichl
“Wiley” like Dufresne, and when I take the mike, I’ll
Rhyme about radicchio, criticize Colicchio
Every pub is gastro, and all my beef carpaccio

Another of my favorites was “Don’t call the Pho, ‘fo,'”  and during the credits, “never give it 4 stars, maybe 2, maybe 3…checking the page views…” The Simpsons had amazing guest stars like Gordon Ramsey, Anthony Bourdain, Batali and more.

For those that missed it, it will be on Hulu soon (eight days to be exact). Until then, here is a link I found with the above quote and the top 5 Simpsons restaurant scenes.


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