Check out my Guest Post on Dining in DC

Sorry, this entry is tad bit of self promotion, but I wanted to draw your attention to two things. I was asked by Lisa Shapiro, of Dining in DC, to provide a guest post on something Dining related and something DC related (yea, I suppose that last part is obvious). It was a lot of fun to talk about something other than my cooking adventures.

Now here are your instructions:

1) Check out Lisa’s blog. It has tons of great posts on the DC area dining events, offers, interesting stories and a lot more.

2) Go over to her site and take a look at my guest post. And, if you’re reading this, be sure you come back here, to the Carnivore and the Vegetarian, and continue reading future cooking and dining adventures.

I hope to attend a beer dinner, the topic of that post, in the very near future and provide a review to maybe inform more people about the availability of beer/food pairings.

Oh, there is also a 3…

3) Go to the store. Buy a delicious microbrew. Enjoy it on this, or any other, beautiful day (or on a rainy day, I’m not one to judge).

About Evan Halperin

I like to eat. I like to cook. I like to eat what I cook. Now, I will share with you what I like to cook. My wife and I may be a vegetarian and a carnivore, but it doesn’t mean we can’t cook a nice meal with both, without compromising taste. I will share my creative meals of the Carnivore and the Vegetarian.
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  1. Umer says:

    My mom always mixed curarnt jelly and mustard (equal parts, I think) to put over smoked cocktail hot dogs. I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with a vegan version of those, but maybe I should try the combo on meatballs instead. Thanks for the idea!Incidentally, I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now and I wanted to say how great it is that you’re making vegetarianism so fun and appealing for your son (and probably leaving 20 jealous classmates in his wake). My husband and I are graduate students and we too have laptop lunch boxes, although for us the challenge is sometimes making a filling and nutritious lunch fit in the containers! I just ordered the soup thermos to help on that front. Thank you for so much great inspiration in filling it! Discovering what my husband has packed in my lunch is the highlight of my class day.

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