The Brooklyneer – New Gastropub in West Village

Last night I was fortunate enough to get invited to an open house grand opening at a new bar in the west village of Manhattan, The Brooklyneer, by Nearsay.  Now, when you are in the mood for some delicious Brooklyn beers, snacks or an all-out meal, you can hop off the 1 train at Houston Street and get your Brooklyn fix.

The inside of the Brooklyneer is cozy, warm and has a vibe that almost has feeling like you are in Brooklyn.  The ceiling is covered with planks of wood, as are the booths, tables and bar, giving it a nice rustic feel.  You’ll find a vintage photo booth in the back, along with a bathtub basin which acts as the sink for the bathrooms.  The details that adorn the Brooklyneer give you a feeling of nostalgia.

Located in the heart of the West Village, The Brooklyneer offers twelve Brooklyn beers on tap, including their house beer (The Brooklyneer), which does down easy and is only $4 (yes, you heard me right).  In addition to those, another 15 or so are available in bottles, plus some deliciously crafted cocktails, including an Apple Jack Old Fashion, which packs a punch, and well, doesn’t really taste like apples (that will set you back $11).

Now, the Brooklyneer is a gastropub, so you’re wondering about the food.  The grub here starts with some simple snacks like bacon and caramel popcorn and roasted peanuts, both from local Brooklyn vendors.  You can grab a salt boiled potato with chive and sour cream aoli, or stick a took pick into one of 9 pickled veggies in a mix and match vegetable platter.  Go for the kimchi.

If you are feeling even more hungry after your 3rd brooklyn pennant ale, you can snag one of three different sliders, or a beef and pork meatball sandwich.  The meats and other featured dishes all contain meats and other ingredients straight from Brooklyn.

The Brooklyneer is a great addition to the neighborhood.  Whether you are just getting of of a movie at the Film Forum (across the street) or just need a cold brew on a Friday night, this is the place to take a load off, order some sliders and let the good times roll.

Brooklyneer Menu

(special thanks to Charles Poladian for the photos)

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