No ‘more’ Reservations

Well, the day has finally arrived. Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations has been canceled or according to Eater and a tweet from Bourdain. In some ways this is a very sad day after a run of over 130 episodes. On the other hand, it seems like the show may have run its course. Bourdain has gone out and done some great reporting, and of course eating. His most famous episode, in my humble opinion, is that which was filmed in Beirut which happened to coincide with a war that broke out between Israel and the Hezbollah.  There are many other great episodes, too many to name.

While some episodes featured more eating and food porn, others gave a small glimpse into the culture surrounding food and much more. Bourdain has footage from rainforests, the tops of world wonders, tiny islands, remote villages and many failed fishing trips. His departure from the Travel Channel is unfortunate, but his move to CNN may prove to be a great change for Bourdain. With his departure he brings along his production team, Zero Point Zero, and with his arrival at CNN he is likely to be given more money to shoot even more adventurous episodes.

While I’ve always enjoyed the scenes where there was tons of food porn, I can’t help but love episodes where I learn a great deal about places I’ve never been (and likely will never visit) and the culture that surrounds food, art, and society. I look forward to what Bourdain will bring to his new endeavor at CNN, notwithstanding my dislike for most of CNN’s programming to date.

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  1. Ionut says:

    Beautiful and inspiring! I just got fgnmialo peppers in my CSA box in northern California and googled to find a recipe so now I’d like to print your recipe but can’t seem to find instructions help! xoxo

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