Beer…for dogs?

Yes, you read the title correctly. There is now a “beer” for dogs. According to a post last week on the Kitchn (per ABC News), there is now a beer for dogs. The new drink, which comes in at a hefty $19.99 for a sixer, is non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and for the most part, completely pointless.

This is a brief collage of what this so called beer did to our straight edge dog. His downfall to drunkenness was a three-stage process.

First, he’s reading away at his favorite book:

What happens next?? Finny gets his hands on the new Bowser Beer after doing some research on Beer Advocate, to make sure he picked the right style for him. Soon after, Finny is drunk, begging for food…he’s got the crazy drunken munchies…


Poor Finny has now crushed an entire container of peanut butter. He’ll be feeling that in the morning… Until then, he’ll sleep it off, in complete comfort.

Finny wrote me an email early the next morning apologizing for his eating all my peanut butter and trying to wear my favorite jeans. I told him I’d keep the additional photos off the internet for his own future job interviews.

Dogs everywhere, beware, dog beer may cause extreme tail chasing, excessive binge eating and the dreaded napping in outrageous places.

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2 Responses to Beer…for dogs?

  1. Alison Batten says:

    THIS IS HILARIOUS! LOL Jagger actually has had doggie beer – he won it last Halloween at a costume contest!

  2. I thought about actually ordering it for Finny, but it seems a bit pricey. A contest would be the perfect excuse to give it to him.

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